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Over the years, the classic jeans have been in style to this day. Most of our collections are often referred to as classic jeans which were first introduced by Levi Strauss himself in 1873, since then it has become the most iconic type of jeans of all time. The looseness of the straight cut makes it comfortable to wear for its user. Classic denim jeans have a simple design yet are incredibly versatile for any kind of outfit or look. Also, our classic denim jeans are made from 100% cotton which is super comfortable!

The classic straight jeans is the legendary fit that has gone from uniform to high fashion that lives for perfection. Without anything complicated, our straight classic jeans are the true American style that is free for expression. Yes, slim jeans can make us appear slimmer, and straight jeans really give the casual look, but nothing beats the vibe of classic jeans men give.

The classic straight jeans are also easy to style. It’s great for an everyday-relaxed look when you just want to go hit down-town with a pair of sneakers and a t-shirt. The straight leg allows you to pair it with any shoes, and the mid-rise waist gives any top from regular to oversized looks great.

Choose classic jeans if you aim for a laid-back look that is very comfortable with a loose cut through the leg. With classic jeans, you will never run out of style, and believe us when we say you’ll never get bored with these! If you are a classic type of guy, you will have fun styling this type of jeans. You can make it casual, and add statements such as a fedora or a leather jacket perhaps.

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