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This is Levi’s® Red.

Building on the ethos of the original Levi’s® Red collection introduced in the late ’90s, we aim to reinvent the iconic 5-pocket jean. Exaggerated workwear details, sustainable fabrics and modern shapes create something totally new yet unmistakably Levi’s®.


Modern Silhouettes

Expect loose silhouettes for both men and women’s jeans, driven by on-trend ’90s styles.

Exaggerated Workwear Details

Find irregular stitching on bartacks and the arcuate. Plus, integrated multi-pocket designs for style and functionality.

Organic Cotton

When we can’t use hemp, we rely on cotton grown without synthetic chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers to support healthier soils and waterways.

Cottonized Hemp

Garments are made with hemp, which requires less water and fewer chemicals to grow than cotton does. It looks just like cotton, but feels even softer.

Browse our top-to-toe looks for men and women below, featuring clothes made from sustainable fabrics.