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Regular fit jeans are the essential items in your jeans collection. Compared to straight fit jeans, regular-fit jeans have a more relaxed fit on the body, since the width of the leg opening and the waist is the same, however, they are tapered around the hip to the thigh. Straight-fit pants have a smaller overall diameter and fit more snugly to the body.

Levi’s® regular fit jeans are versatile for almost any occasion, from formal to casual. Our collection also varies from regular-fit blue jeans to black regular-fit jeans. In terms of look, these types of pants are great for those of you who are a fan of a clean style.

Levi’s® 505 Regular Fit Jeans are made with strong fabrics. It used to be worn for a hard-working job, while now it's worn for somewhat of a cool rebellious look. For a more semi formal look, we also have black regular fit jeans that suit your personal liking. With its versatile straight cut, you can choose any one of them and turn it into a couple of different looks. For example, combine the men black jeans regular fit with a sweater and pair it with casual sneakers to get a more relaxed and comfy look. Or, you can also put on a polo with Levi's® black regular fit jeans and a pair of sneakers for a more sporty look. Bottom line, this jeans goes with basically almost everything.

Our regular fit jeans are our recommendation for you who want to look more relaxed. But, if you are into slimmer-looking legs, you can choose the skinny jeans, or you want something relaxed but not too loose, the taper fit jeans is the one.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now, at Levi's® Singapore online store.