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Levi’s® men regular tapered jeans is the ideal type of jeans for any body type. This particular kind of men's denim is straight down with a narrow cut to the ankle. This tidy-straight bottom cut on tapered regular jeans is made to create comfort on the hips and thighs. Now, this should definitely be on your wardrobe.

Our collection has different types of tapered jeans, from men's regular tapered jeans, and slim regular tapered jeans to relaxed tapered jeans. We also offer different colors for the collection, from light blue tapered jeans to black tapered jeans. Our light blue tapered jeans offer a more casual-everyday look, while the darker and black ones are much more for formal occasions.

Our tapered regular jeans have a relaxed taper fit that is suitable for large thighs and legs, while the slim regular tapered jeans create forms of your thighs and legs. The slim ones are the right choice for you who like skinny jeans but not too skinny!

If you are new to the style, you might be wondering whether it's going to suit you well or not. Well, worry not! Levi’s® men's regular tapered jeans provide you with a clean-fresh and stylish look, not to mention the “taller” effect it gives! Yes, tapered jeans can make you look taller, thanks to the narrowed lower portion. They are not as tight as typical skinny jeans, making them more comfortable to wear. And for the plus point, relaxed tapered jeans are also very versatile and stylish. Wear it with sneakers? That’d be cool! Want to look more outdoorsy with a pair of boots? Sure you can do that too!

Besides our famous tapered jeans, we also offer a wide collection of other types of jeans, from straight cut, skinny type, and also regular fit jeans. So let’s grab yours right now at Levi's® Singapore online store.