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Levi's® Women 312™ Shaping Slim: Low Rise to Waist Jeans

Low-rise jeans are back on trend! How many pairs of them have you got? Our low-waist jeans in the slim cut are very supportive, made from soft denim sculpts that lift your features. Our low-rise jeans women's collection provides an innovative tummy-slimming panel with a slight cut to make your legs look longer.

For various occasions, we offer low-rise jeans in many colors, from washed blue, light blue, dark blue and black. Back then, it is a combo to wear with a cropped top and high heels. Now? It’s just a little different, it is a great combination when pairing with a crop tank that gives a more sporty look and pair with a pair of good sneakers. To complete the look, all the girls are now wearing a sling bag or just a simple tote bag if that’s the style you’re aiming for.

Low rise jeans are popular for a reason, you can go for a feminine look, or even a grunge 90’s look. This is in slim cut that allows you to show off the legs’ shapes which you can even accentuate with a stiletto or high heels. And, like we said, you can also aim for a grunge 90’s look with this jeans in slim cut to pair with a crop tank and an oversized plaid shirt. During the colder season, you can also wear these low rise jeans in skinny cut with a cropped sweater or jumper to balance out the bulky top. For your mix and match, browse our new arrivals collection.

Other than the low waist jeans collection, we also have various Women Jeans Collections, from the slim jeans, dad jeans, fit jeans, baggy jeans and many more. Find out your favorite pair of low rise jeans in Levi’s® Singapore collection. We are available 24/7.

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