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Levi’s® Women 721™ High Waisted Skinny Jeans

Levi’s® has been producing women jeans for almost 100 years. One of the most popular types of jeans is the high waisted skinny jeans. The best features of this type of jeans are the tummy hugging and form-flattering design. Our collection is designed for maximum comfort but still gives a timeless style that can be worn for any occasion.

To complete your collection, Levi's® Women's 721 High-Rise Skinny Jeans is worth checking out. It's classic, but the distressed detail gives a bold statement to your look. These blue high waisted skinny jeans are a great choice to wear on a Work-From-Home day at an aesthetic coffee shop. A little pro tip, the jeans color enables you to be creative on color mixing, you can either wear a pastel color top, or even a bolder color. Check out our new arrivals for your inspiration.

Our high waisted skinny jeans collection is also available in darker shades. Black high waisted skinny jeans are very versatile, so the choice of shoes is quite important. One of the most stylish ways to style this color is by wearing a plain white t-shirt with a leather jacket as a statement. While adding boots makes your style look solid and bold, wearing black or white sneakers can make your style more casual. For a high heels girl, this can bring a clean, sophisticated look that is dinner-date ready. This type of jeans enables you to explore any shoes.

Comfort is our specialty. We always make sure you can get the most of the style possible without giving away comfort. Our high waisted skinny jeans are made with stretch fabric that still gives you denim’s authentic look and feel. Check out our skinny jeans collection and shop now at Levi’s® Singapore.

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